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Boinca Therapeutics is developing a new topical formulation of mTOR inhibitors at doses well below anything currently available. The low dose applications enable a higher safety profile versus higher doses being developed by other companies. Boinca’s topical cream will enable daily use with zero systemic absorption, improving skin quality while maintaining patient safety.


The technology and pre-clinical research developed in the Sell Lab at Drexel University, showed positive results regarding rapamycin’s ability at very low doses to improve the growth and stress resistance of normal human fibroblasts, and increase cell lifespan.

Mitochondrial integrity is maintained in cells after treatment with rapamycin. Our application of topical ultra-low dose mTOR inhibitors has shown better efficacy and adifferent MOA than at higher doses.


A pilot proof-of-concept clinical study at Drexel was conducted with topical administration of the low-dose rapamycin cream in about forty five patients ages 40-80 across ethnicities. Results showed visual improvements in patients’ skin, as well as inhibition of biomarkers known in published literature to contribute to age related disorders and wrinkling. The rapamycin does not systemically absorb when administered topically, as determined by testing in patients after 6-8 months of continued daily use.


Due to the strong safety profile of our low-dose topical mTOR inhibitor, it can be used in combination with other topical therapeutics to affect multiple pathways and increase efficacy.

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